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Related Meetings : Task Force on Mechanical Coupling for Agricultural Vehicles | Session 1
Documentation Discussion/Report

The participants introduced themselves (see also Document TFAC 01-07).

The document TFAC 01-01 Draft Agricultural Couplings 2012-09-04 was discussed together with the comments received (Documents TFAC 01-03 Comments Sauermann 2013-05-06, TFAC 01-04 Comments IT 2013-05-06 and TFAC 01-05 Coupling classes IT prop 2013-05-07). Amendments, comments and notes how to proceed with certain clauses are included in Document TFAC 01-08 Draft Agricultural Couplings 2013-05-16.

At the end of the meeting it was recognised that the overlapping of identical requirements between R 55 and the proposals for agricultural vehicles provides the possibility to include the mechanical couplings for agricultural vehicles in an easy way by adding the necessary amendments directly in R 55 and provide additionally one or two specific annexes. A part II of R 55 as preliminarily proposed at the beginning of the meeting does not seem to be necessary therefore.