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Related Meetings : Informal Working Group for the Development of a UN Regulation on Quiet Road Transport Vehicles | Session 2
Documentation Discussion/Report

Agenda adopted

The intent of this document is to report to GRB the state of play of the development of the UN Regulation for QRTV.

The document was reviewed and improvede by the group.

The draft Regulation REG58-QRTV-02-07 was reviewed. All changes made during the meeting are reflected in this document

The annex was reviewed.

The remaining open issues shall be analyzed during next meeting :

  • Frequency resolution specification
  • Possibilities of specifications of Signal Noise Ratio have to be analyzed. e.g. spectrum at maximum sound pressure level, NPRM specification, …),
  • Number of passes for method A,
  • Development of Method F,
  • Final result (Left or right side, …)
  • Doppler effect (OICA)

Document was not reviewed during the meeting. Document on website will be reviewed during next meeting.

Sentence proposed by Japan was accepted.

All changes made during this meeting are shown in documents REG58-QRTV-02-02 & …02-03 with tracked changes. A new and clean document (REG58-QRTV-03-01) will be consolidated from those two documents as the working basis for the 3rd meeting.