Working Party on Noise | Session 61 | 27-29 Jan 2015
Documentation Discussion/Report

23. The expert of WBU presented a position paper (GRB-61-15) with concerns about an Audible Vehicle Alert System (AVAS) of Quiet Road Transport Vehicles (QRTV). He stressed that AVAS must fulfil four criteria, namely presence, direction, location and operation of a hybrid electric or electric vehicle. He further explained that the AVAS sound must be detectable and locatable, AVAS must be on while the vehicle is stationary and that the driver should not be able to switch off (or pause) AVAS.

24. The experts from France and Germany, co-chairing IWG QRTV for a UN Regulation, briefed GRB on the progress in preparing a draft UN Regulation on QRTV under the 1958 Agreement and on its key aspects (GRB-61-02, GRB-61-10). GRB noted that a draft Regulation would be officially submitted to the next session of GRB in September 2015, as foreseen by the IWG mandate. The Chair invited GRB experts to provide IWG with their comments on a draft QRTV regulation as soon as possible and/or to take part in the work of IWG.

25. GRB confirmed that, for the time being, a new QRTV Regulation would cover electric and hybrid electric vehicles of categories M and N only. GRB agreed that stationary noise and the pause-switch function would be optional in stage 1. GRB also agreed that a maximum AVAS sound level should be introduced into a QRTV Regulation, with a view to protecting environment. The expert of WBU concurred with this view.

26. The Chair recalled that IWG QRTV for a UN Regulation should be working in close cooperation with IWG QRTV for GTR. He also pointed out that IWG QRTV for GTR would ask WP.29 to extend its mandate for one year.