European Association for the Co-ordination of Consumer Representation in Standardisation
Non-Governmental Organization
27 August 2015 ANEC proposal to the GRSP Informal Group on ECRS (ANEC)
CRS-53-05 2015-08-27
14 April 2015 Concern over ambiguous text regarding lateral facing enhanced CRS (ANEC)
CRS-50-19 2015-04-14
4 December 2015 Proposal for a new series of amendments to Regulation No. 44 (CI and ANEC)
GRSP-58-09 2015-12-04
4 December 2015 Presentation in support of the proposal to remove ISOFIX from UN R44 and cease new UN R44 approvals (ANEC and CI)
GRSP-58-10 2015-12-04