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Informal Document GRSP-58-09

Document Title Proposal for a new series of amendments to Regulation No. 44
Reference Number GRSP-58-09
Origin ANEC and CI
Document Date 3 December 2015
Document Posted 4 December 2015
Meeting Session(s)

35. The expert from CI introduced a presentation (GRSP-58-10) on a proposal (GRSP-58-09) to withdraw ISOFIX CRS from the UN Regulation. He added that the introduction of UN Regulation No. 129 should lead to the discontinuation in production of ISOFIX CRS according to UN Regulation No. 44 because of a lower level of protection offered (i.e. absence of side impact protection). The expert from Germany argued that deleting ISOFIX provisions from the UN Regulation was useless and that this could be simply dealt with in transitional provisions, beyond which date, type approval would no longer be granted to ISOFIX CRS. He added that, at the same time extensions of existing type approvals would be guaranteed in the future. GRSP agreed to resume consideration of a revised proposal at its May 2016 session.


Proposal to strip ISOFIX CRS provisions from UN R44 and to cease all new type approvals for CRS under UN R44 from November 2016 in deference to UN R129 on Enhanced CRS.

Document Status Superseded
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