Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Institute of Automobile Research (INSIA)
Submissions to WP.29 bodies: Three documents (latest document: 2 September 2020)

The University Institute of Automobile Research (INSIA) which is a centre belonging to the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, is part of the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales (ETSII). The building is located in the technology park of the UPM. The INSIA is a reference point for the automotive industry and the transport sector and has over 25 years of experience at national and international levels.

The main activities of the centre are focused on Research and Development in the field of motor vehicles, safety and environmental impact for national and international projects. The centre also offers technological support for companies and public bodies. INSIA provides technological services oriented to R+D, advising, testing, and certification.

The centre also runs many programmes at Phd master level. INSIA is an authorised official laboratory for the homologation of several Regulations and Directives (buses and coaches, stability, tyres, seats, restraint systems…) and Important Reforms. The centre has laboratories accredited by ENAC which are able to perform a wide range of tests on R+D and certification related to motor vehicles. The facilities provided by the centre are: an impact simulator and a new test bench for the development of technologies based on the hybridization of vehicle propulsion systems.

You can find more information about INSIA-UPM at their website.

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