Foundation for Transport and Energy Research and Development
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Cidaut is the Spain-based Foundation for Transport and Energy Research and Development.

Its main goal is to boost the competitiveness and industrial development of companies in the transport and energy sectors and in industry in general.

The CIDAUT staff is made up of 300 workers, of which 70 percent are college graduates. CIDAUT has signed research and development contracts with more than 300 Spanish and foreign companies. The foundation participates in more than forty associations, clusters and platforms related to our areas of activity, half of which are international in scope.

The center is managed and governed by a foundation, which (as of 2013) was made up of 18 partners (3 institutions and 15 companies).

You can find more information about CIDAUT at their website.

2009 January 26
Study on Type approval requirements for the general safety of motors vehicles | GRRF-65-22
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