WLTP-SG-EV Session 4 | Vienna | 25-26 Mar 2014
1. Welcome and adoption of the agenda
E-lab-06-03 | Draft agenda for the WLTP E-Lab subgroup meeting during 25-26 March in Vienna
2. Shorten test procedures for PEV
E-lab-06-05 | Range measurement procedure for PEV
3. Phase specific calculation method formula for OVCHEV
E-lab-06-06 | WLTP electric vehicles: Phase-specific consumption for OVC-HEV (based on proposal from Japan)
E-lab-06-07 | Combined approach for OVC and NOVC HEV
4. CO2 family definition and combined approach
5. Annex 1, Section 7.3: Electrified vehicles cycle modification and WLTCcity only for lower maximum speed
6. Utility factor
E-lab-06-10 | Analysis of WLTP Utility Factor Distributions
7. Finalize HEV definition
E-lab-06-12 | Definition of Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) in the WLTP GTR EC proposal to address misinterpretations among type approval authorities and manufacturers that "extreme range extenders" (e.g. serial hybrid + small gasoline tank volume + range extender only used after battery is exhausted, + …) can be type-approved as pure electric vehicles.
8. Any other business