1. Introductions
2. Adoption of the agenda
REESS-11-02 | Draft agenda for the 11th REESS informal working group session
3. Oral report on the 54th GRSP session
4. Discussion of the open items from REESS-10 in Offenbach
REESS-10-04/Rev.2 | R100 Part II contribution REESS/10 by IMMA Document as revised during the 10th REESS informal working group session.
REESS-10-03/Rev.2 | "In-use" requirements for vehicles of category L (Part 1) – IMMA contribution to REESS 10th session Draft "in-use" requirements revised during discussions at the 10th REESS informal working group session.
GRSP-54-13 | Proposal for requirements regarding vehicles of category L with electric power train Text prepared for information only by the Chairman of the informal group on Rechargeable Energy Storage Systems (REESS) to present requirements for electric motorcycles within a consolidated version of UN Regulation No. 100 without prejudicing whether the requirements will be established as an amendment of an existing regulation or as new regulation.
5. Discussion on treatment of category L5 to L7 vehicles
REESS-11-03 | Japan comments on electric motorcycle and mini-vehicle regulation proposals (REESS) Reiteration of Japanese concerns over the classification of quadricycles which can be classified as mini-vehicles (keijidosha) under Japanese legislation while being classified under UN Regulations as motorcycle derivatives (i.e., L category vehicles). As a result, certain L vehicles are subject to separate crashworthiness requirements, suggesting that they should be addressed under a separate regulation from motorcycle/moped requirements.
GRSP-54-26 | Japan position on electric motorcycle and mini-vehicle regulation proposals (REESS) Japanese statement proposing to remove vehicle categories L5-L7 (three-wheelers and quadricycles) from the proposals to regulate "rechargeable energy storage systems" (REESS) in mopeds, motorcycles, and similar vehicles as a condition for its acceptance either of a new regulation or as an amendment to UN R100 on electric-powered vehicles.
6. Discussion on extension of the REESS informal group mandate