Session 55 | Geneva | 19-23 May 2014
Summary of the transposition of GTR No. 14 (Pole Side Impact) into a draft new UN Regulation (Australia)
19 May 2014 Working Party Informal Documents Pole Side Impact Protection (PSI) Pole Side Impact Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle safety Hydrogen Fuel Cell Safety Uniform provisions concerning the approval of motor vehicles and their components with regard to the safety- related performance of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles Pole side-impact protection Pole Side Impact Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to their Pole Side Impact performance (PSI) Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Safety Hydrogen/Fuel Cell Vehicles Global technical regulation on hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles Explanation of the steps taken to transpose the provisions of GTR No. 14 into a type-approval UN Regulation on pole side-impact protection, including discussion of the scope, impact side, treatment of hydrogen vehicles, and proposal for a 01 series of amendments that would entail a 26 km/h impact speed for narrow vehicles initially before the amendments would bring narrow vehicles into line with other vehicles at 32 km/h. GRSP-55-0016