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Latest Documents
1 Mar 2024 ACPE: Working draft 00 series of amendments pursuant to the 6th session ACPE-06-06/Rev.1
29 Feb 2024 ACPE: Proposal to amend the draft introduction to the new UN Regulation ACPE-06-12
29 Feb 2024 ACPE informal group draft Terms of Reference amendments ACPE-06-13
29 Feb 2024 Draft schedule of ACPE informal group meetings ACPE-06-14
27 Feb 2024 A study of real accident cases for pedal misapplication ACPE-06-10
27 Feb 2024 Action list from the 6th ACPE informal group session ACPE-06-11
24 Feb 2024 Agenda for the 6th ACPE informal group session ACPE-06-01/Rev.2