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11 Sep 2023 Agenda for the 29th VMAD Audit and ISMR (SG3) subgroup session VMAD-SG3-29-01
11 Sep 2023 ADS safety performance indicators (SPI) VMAD-SG3-29-05
11 Sep 2023 ADS safety guidelines: Comments on In-Service Monitoring and Reporting section restructuring VMAD-SG3-29-02
11 Sep 2023 ADS: JRC responses to OICA/CLEPA comments on in-service monitoring/reporting draft provisions VMAD-SG3-29-03
11 Sep 2023 ADS: Interpretation material for Safety Management System guidelines VMAD-SG3-29-04
11 Sep 2023 VMAD SG3 report on in-service monitoring/reporting to EDR/DSSAD informal group VMAD-SG3-29-06