Session 70 | Geneva | 6-10 Dec 2021
This session includes documents concerning the following regulatory subjects:
GTR No. 9 Pedestrian Safety GTR 0009
UN R12 Steering Mechanism Impact Protection UN Regulation UNR 0012
UN R16 Safety belts and related systems UN Regulation UNR 0016
UN R17 Strength of Seats, Anchorages, and Head Restraints UN Regulation UNR 0017
UN R22 Helmets and Visors UN Regulation UNR 0022
UN R67 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Equipment UN Regulation UNR 0067
UN R95 Occupant Protection in Lateral Collisions UN Regulation UNR 0095
UN R100 Construction and Safety of Electric Powertrains UN Regulation UNR 0100
UN R110 Compressed and Liquefied Natural Gas System Components UN Regulation UNR 0110
GTR No. 13 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Safety GTR 0013
Database for the Exchange of Type Approval Documentation DETA
UN R127 Pedestrian Safety UN Regulation UNR 0127
UN R129 Enhanced Child Restraint Systems UN Regulation UNR 0129
Child Restraint Systems for Buses and Coaches Regulatory Project Bus and Coach CRS
Mutual Resolution No. 1: Management of Test Devices Agreement 0001
UN R134 Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle safety UN Regulation UNR 0134
UN R135 Pole side-impact protection UN Regulation UNR 0135
UN R136 Electric Motorcycle Power Train Safety UN Regulation UNR 0136
UN R137 Restraint System in Frontal Impact UN Regulation UNR 0137
GTR No. 20 Electric Vehicle Safety GTR 0020
UN R145 ISOFIX anchorages systems, ISOFIX top tether anchorages and i-Size seating positions UN Regulation UNR 0145
UN R153 Fuel System Integrity and Electric Power Train in a Rear-End Collision UN Regulation UNR 0153
Children left in cars Children left in cars