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Session 6 | Geneva | 3-4 Mar 2020

The meeting agenda is available online and can be downloaded to your device.

Date Reference Description Status
28 Jan 2020 GRVA/2020/18
Annotated provisional agenda for the 6th (March 2020) GRVA session
Working Party Agenda GRVA/2020/0018
19 Feb 2020 GRVA-06-01
GRVA-6: Running order of the agenda
Working Party Informal GRVA-06-0001
13 Feb 2020 GRVA-05-05/Rev.1
Cybersecurity: Proposal for amendments to the draft UN Regulation
Working Party Informal Draft Recommendation/UN Regulation on Cyber Security Cybersecurity Draft text for a new UN Regulation on the certification of cybersecurity management systems and the approval of vehicles with regarding to cybersecurity. This draft will be considered during the 6th GRVA session. GRVA-05-0005/Rev.1
14 Feb 2020 GRVA-05-07/Rev.3
ALKS: Proposal for a new UN Regulation
Working Party Empty Automated Lane-Keeping Systems ALKS Draft text for a new UN Regulation on the approval of low-speed, on-highway automated lane-keeping systems. This draft will be the basis for discussions at the 6th GRVA session. GRVA-05-0007/Rev.3