Session 1 | Geneva | 25-28 Sep 2018
Progress report of the group on PTI/roadworthiness provisions for ACSF (Sweden)
25 Sep 2018 Working Party Informal Documents Steering Equipment Steering Equipment Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Vehicles with regard to Steering Equipment 1997 Agreement on Periodical Technical Inspections 1997 Agreement Agreement Concerning the Adoption of Uniform Conditions for Periodical Technical Inspections of Wheeled Vehicles and the Reciprocal Recognition of such Inspections Automated Vehicle Periodic Technical Inspections Automated Vehicle PTI At its 86th meeting, GRRF recommended to cluster subjects together and form a number of task forces to deal with different issues related to the ACSF work. One task force was devoted to Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI). GRVA-01-0024