Session 1 | Geneva | 25-28 Sep 2018
UN R106: Proposal for amendments (ETRTO)
21 Jul 2018 Working Party Formal Documents Tires for Agricultural Vehicles Agricultural Tires Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Pneumatic Tyres for Agricultural Vehicles and their Trailers Proposal to<ol class="alpha"><li>modify the scope with regard to Category S and R agricultural vehicles,</li><li>modify the paragraph numbering (and related footnotes) to improve text clarity,</li><li>to correct an error in Annex 5 Table 7 where "35x16" should read "36x16",</li><li>amend Annex 7 Part E to address variations of load-carrying capacity for tyres for construction applications (industrial tractors or skid-steers / mini-loaders) with speed category symbol “D”.</li></ol> <span style="color:orange">This document will be handled by GRB during its 68th session and is referenced under GRVA due to the "conversion" of GRRF.</span> GRVA/2018/0008