Session 67 | Geneva | 24-26 Jan 2018
This session includes documents concerning the following regulatory subjects:
UN R9 Three-Wheeled Cycle Noise UN Regulation UNR 0009
UN R41 Motorcycle Noise UN Regulation UNR 0041
UN R51 Vehicle Noise Emissions UN Regulation UNR 0051
UN R63 Two-wheeled Moped Noise UN Regulation UNR 0063
UN R92 Replacement Exhaust Silencing Systems for Motorcycles UN Regulation UNR 0092
UN R117 Tire Rolling Sound Emissions, Adhesion on Wet Surfaces, and Rolling Resistance UN Regulation UNR 0117
UN R138 Quiet Road Transport Vehicles UN Regulation UNR 0138
Audible Reversing Warning Systems Regulatory Project Reversing Warning
Road Surface Labeling Recommendations Road Surface Labeling