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Working Party on Automated Vehicles (GRVA)

This page provides access to the documents and meetings of the Working Party on Automated Vehicles.
The next GRVA session will be held during 10-14 Feb 2020.

GRVA (based on the tradition of using an acronym from the French “groupe des rapporteurs” and in this case responsible for “véhicules automatisés”) was established by WP.29 during its 175th (June 2018) session via a restructuring of the existing Working Parties. As a result, the GRRF (Brakes and Running Gear) was eliminated and certain of its responsibilities (notably tyres and vehicle combination couplings) were transferred to other Working Parties (GRB and GRSG, respectively).

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N/A 29 November 29 Nov 2019 2019-11-29 09:30:17 UTC
GRVA/04 19 November 19 Nov 2019 2019-11-19 14:36:33 UTC
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