General Vehicle Safety
Related Groups
ACDC Agricultural Coupling Devices and Components 2017
ACV Informal Group on Automated Connections Between Vehicles 2013
AECS Informal Group on Accident Emergency Call Systems 2016
BMFE Behaviour of M2 & M3 General Construction in Case of Fire Event 2021
CMS Informal Group on Camera Monitor Systems 2009
CMS II Informal Group on Camera Monitor Systems (II) 2015
EDR-DSSAD Event Data Recorders and Data Storage Systems for Automated Driving 2023
EDRAA EDR Acceleration Accuracy Subgroup 2022
EDRD EDR Subgroup Task Force on Definitions 2020
EDRDE Task Force on EDR Data Elements 2023
EDROW EDR Subgroup Task Force on Data Overwriting 2020
FVA-EG1 FVA Expert Group 1-Administrative Provisions
FVA-EG2 FVA Expert Group 2-Technical Requirements
FVA-EG3 FVA Expert Group 3-Literature Review
GFV Informal Group on Gaseous Fueled Vehicles 2016
GRRF Working Party on Brakes and Running Gear 2018
GRSG Working Party on General Safety 2023
GRSP Working Party on Passive Safety 2023
GRVA Working Party on Automated and Connected Vehicles 2023
IGPG Informal Group for the Introduction of Plastic Glazing into Regulation 43 2014
IGPG-TF Wiper-SG1 Informal Group on Plastic Glazing: Wiper Task Force-Subgroup 1 2012
IGPG-TF Wiper-SG2 Informal Group on Plastic Glazing: Wiper Task Force-Subgroup 2 2012
IWG-FVA Field of Vision Assistant Informal Working Group 2023
LNG Task Force on Liquefied Natural Gas 2013
MCSYM Informal Working Group on the GTR for Motorcycle Controls, Telltales and Indicators 2011
MVC Modular Vehicle Combinations 2020
PSG Informal Working Group on Panoramic Sunroof Glazing 2020
R116Key Task Force on Definition of a Key under UN R116 2021
R39MV Task Force on UN R39 and mileage values 2023
R55 Informal Group on Amendments to UN R55.01 2016
SG-EDR EDR/DSSAD Subgroup on EDR 2023
TF-FVA Field of Vision Assistant Task Force 2021
TFAC Task Force on Mechanical Coupling for Agricultural Vehicles 2015
VRU-Proxi Awareness of Vulnerable Road Users during Low-speed Maneuvers 2023