Progress report of EVS Task Force 7 (Fire Resistance)-revised
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Reference Number: EVS-06-38
Origin: Korea
Date: 3 March 2015
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Task Force 7 – fire resistance:
Mr. Jung, as the leader of TF7, reported the research result, its activities, and action plan.

OICA expert showed its appreciation for the TF work, but also showed his objection for the long duration fire resistance test. He believes that this requirement is much more severe than the requirement for vehicles with internal combustion engines.

US quoted the test result data from Canada and trying to define the appropriate and equivalent of new “long duration” for the fire resistance test..

China will report the fire test result with 20 minutes duration at the next EVS meeting.

TF7 will continue to discuss, with supportive data from the US, Canada, China, and others , what is the appropriate test protocol for a long duration fire test along with its purpose (i.e.; keep escaping time, responding time for fire fighter, etc).

TF7 leader also gave the presentation of the research result of Korean government regarding the actual fire test protocol switching from gasoline fire to burner fire and its technical justification. They used a mock-up this time, and when they use the battery test the results will be reported to the EVS IWG.

OICA reminded that the research should not discriminate against the electrical vehicles (as opposed to conventional gasoline vehicles) when comparing the test methods with UNECE R100.