Bosch proposal to the Coasting Method WLTP Task Force (Annex to the task force progress report)
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Reference Number: WLTP-08-32/Annex.1
Origin: Bosch
Date: 12 November 2014
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#31: Provisions for Coasting:
Progress report (WLTP-08-32e) by TF leader Th. Vogel was introduced by H. Steven. Due to the fundamental objections from JPN (cycle modifications are not acceptable) the supplemental test and the proposal from PSA are obsolete. Therefore the proposal from BOSCH is currently the only option to continue the work in the TF. The BOSCH approach was described in more details: evaluation of phases within the WLTC where coasting might occur and considering the effect of coasting in these phases by post calculation. EU requests clarification of time alignment of CO2-modal data. Coasting TF should discuss this proposal further on expert level and report to next IWG meeting.