Draft retrofit emissions control device regulation
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Draft of the proposed regulation pursuant to the 14th REC informal group session of 19-20 February 2013.

Reference Number: REC-14-14
Date: 21 February 2013
Proposal Status: Superseded
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Informal Working Group on Retrofit Emission Control Devices | Session 14 | 19-20 Feb 2013

Schulte said a German delegation looked into the GRPE informal document (doc. REC-14-03) and mainly changes to structure, wording (for consistency) and minor additions were made.

Schulte presented the outcome of the German review (doc. REC-14-06). The suggested changes to the REC draft were considered in detail. For the agreed changes, please consult the working document as the outcome of the REC-14 meeting (doc. REC-14-14). Newly added provisions to the draft that would exclude ‘double retrofitting’ were eliminated for the time being (version 00).

The group reviewed the current version of the working document. Changes to the content of the document that were agreed by the group were accepted in the document. The diagram in annex 8 will have to be redrafted; Schulte will be asked to do this.

The document is now uploaded in 2 versions: one with all tracked changes and suggestions from this REC-14 meeting (doc. REC-14-13) and one as a clean copy (doc. REC-14-14). The latter version REC-14-14 will be the basis for the formal contribution to GRPE.