Consolidated proposal for a new Regulation on recyclability of motor vehicles
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Proposal for a new Regulation on recyclability of motor vehicles based upon the original submission from OICA plus amendments proposed by the European Commission.

Reference Number: GRPE-65-11
Origin: EC
Date: 20 December 2012
Proposal Status: Superseded
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Working Party on Pollution and Energy | Session 65 | 15-18 Jan 2013

65. The Chair of GRPE recalled the proposal, discussed in the November session of WP.29, to amend the draft UN Regulation on recyclability (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2012/116) as in WP.29-158-25 (amendments) and WP.29-158-24 (consolidation). He explained that WP.29 expressed its wish to adopt this proposal after detailed consideration by GRPE. Following the invitation by the Chair of GRPE, the expert from OICA introduced ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2012/116, as amended by WP.29-158-25 (amendments) and WP.29-158-24 (consolidation).

66. The expert from the EC introduced an additional amendment correcting an inconsistency in WP.29-158-24 (GRPE-65-10, amending WP29-158-24, and GRPE-65-11, containing the consolidation of WP29-158-24 and GRPE-65-10) and expressed his support for the approval of the revised text.

67. The expert from the Russian Federation introduced GRPE-65-21, pointing out a number of outstanding issues and stating that the proposed draft could be improved.

68. Having replied to the comments and observations of the Russian Federation with a presentation of the document GRPE-65-39, and supported by CLEPA, the expert from OICA offered to clarify his comments in bilateral discussions with the Russian Federation to avoid any further delay in the adoption of the latest draft.

69. The expert from France asked for clarifications about the exclusion of noxious heavy metals from the recyclability requirements of the current draft of the UN Regulation on recyclability, recommending their inclusion in updated texts. The expert from OICA clarified that the recyclability regulation does not aim to regulate the use of different materials, but rather to help comply with the application of the restrictions on the use of materials that are included in national requirements.

70. The expert from Japan recalled that Japan does not have the intention to apply the UN Regulation on recyclability because it opted for a different legislative approach than the one in place in the European Union.

71. Having invited interested stakeholder to address the issues that emerged in the discussion, and provided that the Russian Federation, the European Union and other stakeholders agree on a solution to the pending issues, GRPE adopted the proposal contained in GRPE-65-11 and asked the secretariat to submit it as an official document for the June 2013 session of WP.29. GRPE also agreed that this document will be transmitted to GRPE if no agreement amongst the interested parties is reached.