UN R22: Proposal of Supplement 03 to the 06 series of amendments
Document GRSP-74-04/Rev.1
1 December 2023

Proposal to enable use of a rigid plastic speaker simulator in lieu of the current deformable simulator to facilitate and reduce the costs of testing.

Submitted by Italy
Status: Informal GR review
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23. (h) | UN Regulation No. 22 (Helmets and visors)
9. | UN Regulation No. 22 (Protective helmets)

17. The expert from Italy, Chair of the ad-hoc group on safety helmets introduced ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2021/13, through a presentation (GRSP-69-19) to address the need of a text that can be enforced in a practical manner until specific requirements for the type approval of helmet accessories would be defined. GRSP adopted ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2021/13, as amended by (GRSP-69-17) Annex IV of the session report. The secretariat was requested to submit the proposal, as draft Supplement 1 to the 06 series of amendment to UN Regulation No. 22 (Protective helmets), for consideration and vote at the November 2021 session of WP.29 and to AC.1.

18. GRSP also noted ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2021/15, amended by GRSP-69-18 aimed at preventing the issue of invalidating a UN Approval with the use of an aftermarket product. The proposal received some comments from the experts of Euromed (GRSP-69-26) and proposed changes from the expert from Italy (GRSP-69-32). GRSP Chair and the Chair of the ad-hoc group proposed to convey the above proposals into the activity of the ad-hoc group on safety-helmets. The expert from Euromed argued that the for sake of transparency it was advisable to establish an informal working group (IWG) and he introduced the terms of reference of the IWG (GRSP-69-36). However, concerns were expressed about the number of interested experts and about the need to be much more responsive in providing a possible solution to the December 2021 session. Following the suggestion of the expert from the Netherlands, GRSP agreed to continue the activities of the ad-hoc group and requested the secretariat to provide a wiki page on the ECE website. In the meantime, it was clarified that rules of procedure of IWGs, ad-hoc group, Task Force shall be the same of those of parent group. Accordingly, GRSP reminded all the Chairs and secretaries of the above-mentioned groups to verify consistent credentials of attendees and receive copyright disclaimers for documents posted on UNECE website. GRSP agreed to resume the discussion on this subject waiting the outcome of discussion of the ad-hoc group on ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2021/15, GRSP-69-26, GRSP-69-32 and GRSP-69-36.

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