RDE: Updated draft text on the approval of vehicles with regard to real driving emissions
Document GRPE-86-45
19 July 2022

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3. (c) | Worldwide harmonized Real Driving Emissions test procedure

30. The representative from the European Commission, Chair of the IWG on RDE, introduced GRPE-86-29 providing an update about the latest intention with the finalization of the new UN Regulation on RDE. She informed that more changes beyond the remaining square brackets would be needed and that a final text was expected to be available in the first weeks of July 2022. She kindly requested GRPE to accept a post session submission, and the consideration of the informal document through a written procedure over the summer.

31. GRPE agreed to consider a draft proposal for a draft new UN Regulation on RDE as post session informal document GRPE-86-45 to be shared by the secretariat with all GRPE participants mid July 2022. GRPE asked all interested parties to provide written comments to the secretariat before 19 September 2022, to prepare a working document for the January 2023 session of GRPE.

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