Proposal for vehicle-to-vehicle data interaction
Document GRVA-14-20
24 September 2022
Submitted by CATARC
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5. (c) | Data and vehicle communications

67. The expert from China introduced GRVA-14-20. He noted that GRVA’s name mentioned connected vehicles and that GRVA deliverables on connectivity were limited to cyber security and software updates, so far. He suggested that GRVA consider new tasks in that field. He stressed that whether a vehicle can send and receive data accurately was an important factor for the vehicle to realize connectivity-related functions. He stated that Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) data interaction was important to materialize the potential of technology in the field of road safety. He noted the standardization and regulatory activities of ISO, ITU, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), SAE International, European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Connect Promotion Association of Japan. He proposed that GRVA carry out preliminary research on V2V data interaction, data content, data format, data broadcast rules and communication performance requirements. He suggested to address three questions, (a) whether the subject of V2V data interaction would be a system of the vehicle, (b) at what level such activities could be carried out, and © how to coordination the formulation of harmonized technical requirements. The proposal received comments from the experts from Canada, France, Germany, Japan, ITU and OICA. GRVA agreed to explore the need for such activities, to check if other GRs or the IWG on ITS would have a role. GRVA agreed to inform and to consult AC.2 and WP.29 at their November 2022 sessions on the way forward with this technical item.

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