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UN R110: Proposal for amendments
Document GRSG-122-28
8 October 2021
Submitted by NGV
Status: Superseded
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9. (b) | UN Regulation No. 110 (CNG and LNG vehicles)

65. The expert from NGV Global presented document, GRSG-122-28, a proposal for amendment to UN Regulation No. 110. He recognized contributions from the expert from Hexagon agility and the expert from the Netherlands as they were both elemental in the preparation of this report. He stated the purpose of this proposal is to add a new “Annex 5R” to the test requirements, to demonstrate that the pressure relief device (PRD) will continually activate throughout its designed life.

66. GRSG adopted GRG-122-28 and requested its submission as formal document in the 123rd session of GRSG in March 2022. The Chair of GRSG suggested that it will be beneficial to have a consolidated version of the gas vehicle Regulations which are UN Regulations Nos. 67 and 110 as soon as possible as they have undergone several amendments. The secretariat of GRSG confirmed that these Regulations are in the process of being consolidated.

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