Report on a Head-On Collision between a Passenger Car and a Van in Norway on 20 Oct 2019
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Analysis of a fatal crash event involving a van the lost its grip on the ice-covered road surface, crossed into the opposite lane and collided head-on with an estate car of approximately the same weight, fully laden with passengers. The investigation showed that the back of the rear seat was severely deformed, despite being reinforced and well within the regulatory strength requirements described in UN-ECE R17.

Reference Number: GRSP-69-02
Origin: Norway and NPRA
Date: 14 December 2020
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GRSP-69-06 | Presentation of main findings related to a high-speed frontal road-collision
GRSP-70-27 | UN R17: Proposal for the 11 series of amendments
Working Party on Passive Safety | Session 69 | 17-21 May 2021

16. The expert from Norway introduced a presentation (GRSP-69-06) concerning the main findings of a report (GRSP-69-02) from the Norwegian Safety Investigation Authority (NSIA) related to a high-speed frontal road-collision. He added that the car collision occurred between a passenger car and a van and that two passengers seating in the rear seat row died during the collision also due to the luggage displacement, while frontal seating passengers sustained minor injuries. The expert from Consumer International (CI) proposed that more stringent requirements for rear seat strength should be introduced into the UN Regulation. The expert from EC stated his intention to study the case and report at the next GRSP sessions. The expert from OICA argued that crash speed (80 km/h) of the reported accident was beyond the speed considered into the UN Regulation. Moreover, he suggested that also harmonized international traffic rules on the obligation of securing luggage should be pursued. GRSP agreed to resume discussion on this subject and defer discussion on GRSP-69-34 at its December 2021 session.