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Proposal to amend the draft Supplements to UN R48 and UN R149 (GRE/2020/4/Rev.1)
Document GRE-84-38
29 April 2021

Proposed changes per discussions during the 84th GRE session.

Submitted by OICA
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4. (a) | Activities of the Informal Working Group "Simplification of the Lighting and Light-Signalling Regulations"
4. (c) | UN Regulation No. 149 (Road illumination devices)
4. (e) | Simplification of UN Regulations Nos. 48, 53, 74 and 86
6. | UN Regulation No. 48 (Installation of lighting and light-signalling devices)
6. (a) | UN R48: Proposals for amendments to the latest series of amendments

21. The expert of GTB introduced revised proposals for amendments to UN Regulations Nos. 48 and 149 on road projections of driver assistance symbols as well as supporting material (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRE/2020/4/Rev.1, GRE-84-24, GRE-84-25, GRE-84-26, GRE-84-27 and GRE-84-38-Rev.1). During an in-depth discussion, experts from Contracting Parties generally supported the concept but expressed several concerns over the proposed technical requirements. The expert from Japan presented their list of outstanding issues (GRE-84-36).

22. GRE requested GTB and OICA to liaise with all experts concerned with the aim to submit a revised proposal to the next session. GRE also invited other experts from Contracting Parties to send their comments to GTB and OICA and to take part in preparatory online meetings to be organized by GTB.

6. (b) | Proposals for new series of amendments to UN Regulation No. 48
7. (b) | UN Regulation No. 149 (Road illumination devices)
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