Report of the AEBS informal working group
Document GRVA-09-26
1 February 2021
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7. | Advanced Emergency Braking Systems

86. The expert from Japan, co-chair of the IWG on AEBS (for M1 and N1) presented a progress report to GRVA (GRVA-09 26). He explained their activities on virtual testing, on the performance of AEBS to detect big animals and the discussion on Peak Break Coefficient (PBC) reference in UN Regulation No. 152.

87. GRVA inquired whether virtual testing should be addressed by this IWG. The expert from OICA mentioned the importance of virtual testing for this matter. The expert from the European Commission, Co-Chair of the group, explained that he consulted the subgroup 2 of the IWG on VMAD, which answered that their activities were different as AEBS was not an ADS. He added that the mandate of the group was still running and that it had capacity to deal with this item. The expert from France supported these activities.

88. The expert from the European Commission asked the expert from Sweden if information would be available concerning the detection of big animals. The expert from Sweden explained that further thoughts were needed on this matter. GRVA agreed that this issue was not a high priority but that it should be further discussed.

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