UN R48: Proposal for a Supplement to the 06 series of amendments
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Proposal from the SLR informal group to introduce into the 06 series of amendments to UN R48 the possibility to extend to some additional contributors for the driving-beam (more than four) without AFS.

Reference Number: GRE-83-28
Date: 7 October 2020
Proposal Status: Informal GR review
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SLR-42-10 | UN R48: Revision of document GRE-83-28 on additional contributors for driving-beam
Working Party on Lighting and Light-signalling | Session 83 | 19-23 Oct 2020

15. GRE noted IWG SLR proposals for further simplification of UN Regulations Nos. 48, 53, 74 and 86 (GRE-83-19, GRE-83-20, GRE-83-21 and GRE-83-28) and invited GRE experts to provide comments to IWG SLR before the next session.