GTR 6: Proposal for amendments
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Proposal to exempt Zone I from opaque obscuration requirements of GTR 6 under certain conditions.

Reference Number: GRSG-116-30
Origin: Korea
Date: 1 April 2019
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Working Party on General Safety | Session 116 | 8-12 Apr 2019

22. The expert from the Republic of Korea presented GRSG-116-30 and GRSG-116-31 on the need to exempt in Zone I the possible opaque obscuration which is defined in paragraph of the annexes on installing laminated-glass panes. The expert from Germany endorsed the proposed amendments, adding that the zone had to be clearly defined. The expert from Finland affirmed the necessity for similar amendments in UN Regulation No. 43.

23. GRSG agreed to resume consideration of these subjects at its October 2019 session. The experts from Germany and India volunteered to prepare revised official documents to that end. The expert from India also offered to review the authorization to develop Amendment 2 to UN GTR No. 6 and to follow up on the necessary procedure at the next sessions of the Executive Committee AC.3 of the 1998 Agreement.