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Informal Document WLTP-21-06/App.1

Document Title UN Regulation on WLTP: Draft request letter to OLA
Reference Number WLTP-21-06/App.1
Document Date 8 January 2018
Document Posted 8 January 2018
Meeting Session(s)

Draft letter intended for the UN Office of Legal Affairs to handle three planned series of amendments to the proposed UN Regulation transposing GTR 15 (WLTP) simultaneously. Normally, each series of amendments to a regulation must be implemented sequentially. In the case of WLTP, the informal group is proposing to use the series of amendment to implement stringency levels based upon regional needs (e.g., 00 series for the EU, the 01 series for Japan, and the 02 series as the most stringent set of requirements). The informal group is considering a request to handle this situation differently such that the 3 initial series would be implemented simultaneously, enabling future changes in regional stringency to proceed in a timely fashion (e.g., parallel development of new series based on regional objectives).

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