Proposal for amendments to Regulation No. 79
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Updated text of provisions from the informal group on ACSF for the approval of emergency steering functions and driver-initiated automated lane changing systems.

Reference Number: GRRF-85-02
Date: 8 December 2017
Proposal Status: Superseded
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6. The expert from Germany presented (GRRF-85-06 and GRRF-85-07) the outcome of the IWG on the draft provisions applicable for ACSF of Category C (GRRF-85-02). He explained that the IWG resolved the remaining issue on the definition of the point at which, following the beginning of the Lane Change Procedure, the driver’s reaction should be understood. He added that, for this purpose, continuous lateral movement and lane centering provisions were added. He continued his presentation by reporting on the deliberation of the IWG on the definition of the target vehicle used for the sensor performance test proposed in Annex 8, para. 3.5.5. He added that the worst case scenario would be a sensor performance test with a motorcycle of category L3 target coming from the rear of the subject vehicle. He noted that no standard defining a test target L3 vehicle would exist to date and that therefore the IWG agreed on the compromise defined in Annex 8, para. He noted that the definition of the target vehicle should be reviewed at a later stage as some experts had expressed their doubts that a L3 vehicle without fairing and windshield would indeed be the worst case scenario for this sensor performance test. He concluded his presentation with the description of the type approval tests requirements to be included in Annex 8. GRRF agreed that using a motorcycle without fairing and windshield would be appropriate until such times that a uniform target would be agreed.

7. GRRF reviewed in detail GRRF-85-02 and agreed on a number of amendments as reproduced in GRRF-85-02-Rev.1.

10. The expert from OICA presented (GRRF-85-08) a proposal for provisions applicable to ESF (GRRF-85-03).

11. GRRF reviewed the latter document in detail and agreed to insert the definition of ESF contained in GRRF-85-02.