Proposal and justification for lines defining the limits (diagram) for a new headlamp aiming range
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Proposal for new headlamp aiming tolerances from the informal group on Visibility, Glare, and Levelling.

Reference Number: GRE-78-23/Rev.1
Date: 24 October 2017
Proposal Status: Superseded
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Working Party on Lighting and Light-signalling | Session 78 | 24-27 Oct 2017

25. The expert from Poland, in his capacity of Chair of the Informal Working Group on Visibility, Glare and Levelling (IWG VGL), briefed GRE on the IWG activities (GRE-78-36). He introduced a proposal and justification for a new diagram that defines the limits of a new aiming range for the dipped-beam headlamp (GRE-78-23-Rev.1) by lines. He also proposed to delete the 2,000 lm criterion (GRE-78-32).

26. For line 1, GRE generally agreed to a move to the right to the 0.2 per cent mark. Several experts also agreed that this shift should correspond with a shift of line 4 to retain the 1.6 per cent tolerance. The experts from Poland and UK pointed out the need for additional justification of tolerances for moving line 4, and invited OICA to provide the necessary details. Based on the GRE considerations, the experts from Italy, Netherlands, UK and OICA offered to prepare an amendment proposal for consideration at the next session.