Proposal for amendments to the Guidelines on Regulatory Procedures
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Proposal to address Supplements to UN Regulations that were recently adopted under Revision 2 to the 1958 Agreement, but that will enter into force under Revision 3 to the Agreement. At issue is a difference between the two Revisions with regard to extensions of type approvals. Under Revision 2, Supplements adopted after the date of a first type approval do not apply to extensions of the approval unless specifically required by the Supplement. Under Revision 3, all Supplements apply to extensions of approvals unless the Supplement specifically exempts such extensions from its requirements. Now that Revision 3 has entered into force, OICA seeks to clarify that recent Supplements adopted under Revision 2 will be subject to Revision 2 even though they will enter into force in the coming months.

Reference Number: IWVTA-25-05
Origin: OICA
Date: 10 October 2017
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