Table of proposals for UN Regulations adopted during the 171st WP.29 session (March 2017)
Document WP.29-172-20
20 June 2017

Status of the proposals as of 19 June 2017.

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Previous Documents, Discussions, and Outcomes
4.1. | Status of the 1958 Agreement and of the annexed Regulations

48. The secretariat informed the World Forum about the latest update of the status of the 1958 Agreement (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/343/Rev.25) that contains the information received by the secretariat up to 20 May 2017, and which is available on the WP.29 website at: WP.29 noted that Contracting Parties should notify the secretariat about any amendments needed to the status document.

8.4. | Documents for publication

107. The secretariat presented WP.29-172-20, listing all of the adopted proposals during the 171th WP.29 session and their expected date of entry into force.

108. The World Forum took note of the delays in the consolidation of documents and the human resource constraints.