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Working Document WP.29/2016/92

Document Title Proposal for Supplement 6 to the 05 series of amendments to Regulation No. 107
UN R107 | 05 series of amendments | Supplement 6
Reference Number WP.29/2016/92
Document Date 1 September 2016
Document Posted 9 September 2016
Meeting Session(s)

Proposal to extend requirements introduced via Supplement 4 to the 04 series of amendments concerning barriers in the gangway and the amount of priority seats to the 05 series of amendments.

The proposal also aims to paragraph with regard to ceiling-mounted displays or monitors and simplify the testing procedure:

  • The gauge shall be used only for the identification of the monitors to be tested.
  • The simplified way to apply the removal force corresponds to a passenger pushing the monitor/display with its hand, and in these conditions the acceptable force limit is adapted.
  • The test must be conducted in both directions.
  • The proposed wording for the last condition to fulfil is more technology neutral, the case of automatic redeployment is also considered and banned.

The proposal would also redefine the measurement criteria for determining appropriate seat spacing, including the use of a new testing gauge for the H dimension measurement.

Document Status Adopted text published
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