Belgian comments on the draft amendment to UN R79 to enable approval of automated steering
Document ACSF-05-09
20 January 2016

Proposed changes to the working draft text ACSF-04-20.

Submitted by Belgium
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The group discussed the proposal of OICA (see 3.4.x in ACSF-04-20)
The Manufacturer shall provide the Technical Service authorities with an explanation of the design provisions built into the ACSF so as to prevent unauthorized manipulations of hardware or software.
For the design of these protective measures, the manufacturer may assume that the protection against unauthorized physical access to the vehicle systems is assured by the means defined elsewhere in the UN-ECE regulatory framework or by equivalent means.

(Chair): thinks that a direct reference is necessary
(NL): agreed, that this would be a good proposal. Would be a reference to a safety standard of the SW be necessary?
(SE): Can we wait for a standard developed for SW security, will it not take too long time?
(Chair): The ITS/AD group will follow this issue and will make recommendations
(J-Chair): We should wait for the recommendations, which are expected to be available in 1Q/2016
(EC): supported the statements of the Chairs.

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