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Development of the 1997 Agreement on Periodical Technical Inspections
Document WP.29-167-13
6 November 2015

Presentation from the PTI informal group on the future development of the 1997 Agreement.

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Previous Documents, Discussions, and Outcomes
7.1. | Status of the 1997 Agreement

75. The representative of the Netherlands notified the World Forum that the IWG on Periodical Technical Inspection (PTI) had started its work. He noted that the second meeting of the Group would be held on 18 November 2015 and invited the participants of WP.29 to join the meeting.

76. The representative of the Russian Federation, Co-chair of the IWG, presented WP.29-167-13 on the development of Agreement Concerning the Adoption of Uniform Conditions for Periodical Technical Inspections of Wheeled Vehicles and the Reciprocal Recognition of such Inspections, done in Vienna on 13 November 1997. He formulated principles for development of the Agreement based on the provisions of the international standards on quality and risk management, that allow improvement of the efficiency and quality of periodical technical inspection, to harmonize requirements and make the agreement attractive to a larger number of countries. It was also noted that the IWG on PTI would consider the principles and requirements for conformity of PTI system, including requirements for its technical and administrative support.

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