Working Party on Pollution and Energy | Session 80 | 14-17 Jan 2020

Session proper starting on Wednesday, 15 January from 2.30 PM. The deadline for the submission of official working documents is 21 October 2019.

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Agenda Item 12.
Vehicle Interior Air Quality (VIAQ)

67. The Chair of IWG on Vehicles Interior Air Quality (VIAQ) presented a status report on the ongoing activities of the group (GRPE-80-23). He also encouraged GRPE to review and provide comments and feedback on the draft Revision 1 to Mutual Resolution No. 3 (GRPE-80-21 and GRPE-80-22). He informed about on-going collaboration and information exchange with other groups working on vehicle interior air quality measurement procedures.

68. The representative from OICA asked if a Round Robin tests had been carried to confirm the draft Revision 1 to M.R.3 works and is practical. The Chair of IWG on VIAQ confirmed some tests in different facilities showed good correlation between the results.

69. GRPE acknowledged the progress made by IWG on VIAQ and noted no room had been requested for the GRPE week in June 2020.