Session 117 | Geneva | 8-11 Oct 2019
Agenda Item 22. (e) Any other business

83. The expert of RVIA introduced GRSG-117-19 highlighting specificities of recreation vehicles and asked for the establishment of an IWG on caravans and motorhomes. The Chair concluded the short discussion of delegates by proposing to keep this item on the agenda and invited contracting parties to reflect on the proposed IWG.

82. The expert form OICA introduced GRSG-117-27 on a Field of View Assistant (FOVA) including augmented reality. GRSG experts engaged in active discussion highlighting both pros and cons of such technology. Recognising the need for regulatory action, GRSG agreed to keep this item on the agenda and invited the expert from OICA to come up with a related proposal for the next session of GRSG.

GRSG-117-19 | Caravans and Recreation Vehicles under GRSG (RVIA)