World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations | Session 178 | 24-28 Jun 2019
Agenda Item 19.9.
UN GTR No. 9 (Pedestrian safety)

164. AC.3 noted that, at the May 2019 session of GRSP concerning draft amendment 3 to the UN GTR, experts concluded that different scenarios of head and leg impact were possible due to, for example, different heights of the vehicle because of adjustable suspension systems.

165. The representative of the Republic of Korea reported on the progress that the IWG on Deployable Pedestrian Protection Systems (IWG-DPPS) had achieved in provisions covering active deployable systems in the bonnet area (Amendment 4 to the UN GTR). She informed the delegates that IWG held the fourth meeting in March 2019 and had reached an agreement on several agenda items, however there were still some issues that required agreement. She clarified that one of the three major issues was a verification impactor, used to assess whether the system of a vehicle could detect pedestrians who were within the range of distance that should be detectable. The second issue was how to calculate the Head Impact Time which refers to the interval between the time the pedestrian is hit by a vehicle and the time their head hits the vehicle’s bonnet. The last one was related to how to define a head impact area. She reported that only three contracting parties were regularly present during IWG meetings. Therefore, she explained that the group planned to hold a web conference before the next meeting, scheduled in September 2019, in the United Kingdom.