Session 178 | Geneva | 24-28 Jun 2019
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Agenda Item 13.
Monitoring of the 1998 Agreement: Reports of the Contracting Parties on the transposition of UN GTRs and their amendments into their national/regional law

136. AC.3 noted the information, as of 18 June 2019, on the status of the Agreement of the Global Registry and of the Compendium of Candidates (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/1073/Rev.25), the status of the priorities of the 1998 Agreement (based on WP.29-178-08 as reproduced in Annex IV to the session report) and items on which the exchange of views should continue. AC.3 noted that notifications and the mandatory reports on the transposition process through their Permanent Missions in Geneva to the secretariat, are publicly accessible. AC.3 recalled its agreement to always send the above-mentioned reports and notifications through their Permanent Missions in Geneva and directly to the secretariat (email: edoardo.gianotti@un.org) to ensure updating of the status document, which is the monitoring tool of the agreement. AC.3 reiterated its request to its representatives to provide the secretariat with the coordinates of their corresponding focal points to the agreement, appointed in their capitals to draft the reports and notifications to keep them informed in the exchange of information through the above-mentioned website.

137. The representative of the Russian Federation informed AC.3 on their notification of the status of implementation of UN GTRs in their national legislation (WP.29-178-09).

138. The representative of OICA thanked the Russian Federation for this very important and detailed information.

WP.29-178-08 | Situation on priorities and proposals to develop UN GTRs
WP.29-178-09 | Report on the Implementation of UN Global Technical Regulations in the Russian Federation (Russia)