This agenda item relates to Electric Vehicles & the Environment.

203. The representative of Canada provided an update on the latest activities of the Electric Vehicles and Environment (EVE) IWG on behalf of the EVE leadership. He noted that the EVE Informal Working Group had met since the last WP.29 session at a two-day working group meeting and a one-day drafting group meeting held in Ottawa from 16 to 18 October 2018. He noted that EVE continues to progress on its three assigned areas of work as described below.

204. The representative of Canada stated that the group had developed a first draft of a UN GTR on the determination of electrified vehicle power, and had conducted the first round of validation testing. Preliminary testing results had been presented in Ottawa. IWG EVE planned to continue developing the UN GTR as a standalone document in line with the acceptance in principal for this approach by AC.3 (pending an official revision of the authorization that would be submitted at the next session of AC.3 in March 2019, see item G).

205. The representative of Canada noted that EVE members had also presented research on battery durability. Efforts to model Electric Vehicle (EV) durability were led by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) and validated using long-term EV testing results from Canada.

206. The representative of Canada explained that, in late September, the Secretary of the EVE had presented to the Group of Experts on Cleaner Electricity Production (CEP), the prospect of assuming leadership of the work to develop a method of stating the upstream emissions of electrified vehicles. CEP would consider taking on this work. He noted that EVE appreciated the assistance provided by the Secretary of GRPE in facilitating the interaction with CEP.

207. The representative of Canada noted that IWG EVE continues to work closely with IWG WLTP to ensure that the work of the two groups is complimentary and avoids duplication of efforts. He informed the Committee that IWG EVE would next meet at a half-day session concurrent with GRPE in January, and at a three-day working group and drafting group meeting in Stockholm in early April 2019.