World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations | Session 176 | 12-16 Nov 2018
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Agenda Item 18.1.
UN GTR No. 2 (Worldwide Motorcycle emission Test Cycle (WMTC))

183. The representative of the European Union, as technical sponsor for these activities, informed WP.29 about the status of work of the IWG on Environmental and Propulsion Performance Requirements (EPPR). He reported that a consensus was still being sought on the scope of UN GTR No. 2, on vehicle categories. He predicted that the official proposal for new amendments to UN GTR No. 2 would be submitted for consideration to the GRPE session in May 2019. The “correspondent group” recorded progress as expected on amending UN GTR No. 18, with both amendments developed in parallel to meet some contracting parties tight deadlines.

184. He noted that most contracting parties involved in the EPPR activities agreed to concentrate resources on durability once the work on amendments to UN GTR No. 2 and No. 18 had been delivered. He also shared the interest raised by the Republic of Korea to work on propulsion unit performance requirement in the near future.