Session 28 | Brussels | 12 Sep 2013
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Agenda Item 8.
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25. Update on biofuel quality (NGVA Europe) (GFV 28-07). Mr. Del Alamo updated the group on the current activities of CEN TC408, to fulfil the mandate of the European Commission to create a regulation covering the use of bio-methane as a vehicular fuel as well injecting bio-methane into the pipeline network. The scope thereafter also was broadened to include fossil natural gas as well (as a vehicular fuel).

26. One of the challenges is that there are many actors with specific and different (sometimes conflicting) concerns: pipeline industry, local gas distribution companies, and vehicle manufacturers.

27. Other main points include: water content/dew point (national limits at different temperatures will be incorporated by individual countries); hydrogen sulphide and oxygen limits (related to potential corrosion); hydrogen blend and effects on embrittlement and other aspects; siloxanes from landfill gas (for which there is no suitable measurement technique or test methods to determine its content); calorific value and methane number; and sulphur, one of the biggest remaining problems due to the gas industry injecting mercaptan as an odorant. (Odorization of gas is a nationally legislated issue so this complicates the opportunity to introduce a new and different odorant.)

28. A new report is being developed for consideration by the national participants in the CEN process. In one year there could be some agreement, depending on the reaction of the national standards organizations. If there is no agreement then resolution on these complex issues will take longer.

GFV-28-07 | NG/Biomethane Fuel Specification in Europe (NGVA Europe)