World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations | Session 172 | 20-23 Jun 2017
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Agenda Item 7.4.
Establishment of new Rules annexed to the 1997 Agreement
WP.29-172-17 | Draft proposals for further items related to periodical technical inspections to be treated by the PTI informal group or WP.29
WP.29-172-18 | Draft amendments to the proposal for a new UN Rule on the inspection of CNG/LNG-powered vehicles
WP.29-172-19 | Proposal for Rule No. 4 on safety requirements for hybrid and electric vehicles
WP.29/2017/93 | Proposal for a new Rule No. 3 on Periodical Technical Inspections of motor vehicles using Compressed Natural Gas and/or Liquefied Natural Gas in their propulsion system