Session 170 | Geneva | 15-18 Nov 2016
Agenda Item 7.3. Establishment of requirements for testing equipment, for skills and training of inspectors and for supervision of test centres
This agenda item relates to PTI Test Centers, PTI Testing Equipment, and PTI Training.

92. The representative of the Russian Federation, Co-Chair of the IWG on PTI, presented WP.29-170-19 introducing the informal documents that the IWG on PTI had prepared: WP.29-170-14 and WP.29-170-15 which propose amendments to the 1997 Agreement and a draft Resolution with requirements for testing equipment, skills and training for inspectors and supervision of test centres. He announced that the draft proposals on provisions for the inspection of gas-fuelled vehicles would be presented at the next session of WP.29.

93. WP.29 agreed to resume consideration of these proposals and requested the secretariat to issue WP.29-170-14 and WP.29-170-15 with official symbols at the next session.

WP.29-170-14 | Proposal for amendments to the 1997 Agreement
WP.29-170-15 | Special Resolution (S.R. [X]) on the administrative and technical provisions required for carrying out the technical inspections according to the technical prescriptions specified in Rules
WP.29-170-19 | Presentation on the proposals to amend the 1997 Agreement
WP.29-170-23 | Report to WP.29 about results of the 5th meeting of Informal Group on Periodical Technical Inspections