Session 170 | Geneva | 15-18 Nov 2016
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Agenda Item 4.3.
Development of the International Whole Vehicle Type Approval (IWVTA) system

61. On behalf of the IWG, the Chair of the IWG on IWVTA sought the consent of WP.29 to extend the mandate of the IWG on IWVTA by six months until December 2017. The World Forum endorsed the request.

59. The representative of Japan, Chair of the IWG on IWVTA, presented WP.29-170-10-Rev.1 on the progress in the recent meetings of the group and its subgroups on the development of draft UN Regulation No. 0 on IWVTA (WP.29-170-08). He announced the intention of the IWG to submit a final proposal of the draft UN Regulation for consideration at the June 2017 session of WP.29.

60. The Chair of the IWG on IWVTA reported that the IWG had completed the drafting of the Q&A document to explain UN Regulation No. 0 and IWVTA. The World Forum welcomed the proposal and agreed to resume consideration of this subject at its next session in March 2017. The secretariat was requested to circulate WP.29-170-09 with an official symbol.

62. The World Forum noted the request by the IWG on IWVTA to clarify the individual Regulations on lighting and light-signalling devices with a requirement that light sources in these devices should be type approved pursuant to UN Regulations Nos. 37, 99 or 128. WP.29 invited GRE in cooperation with the IWG to consider how to better address this issue, taking into account the IWVTA objectives, the ongoing process of the simplification of lighting and light-signalling Regulations and the fact that not all light sources were covered by UN Regulations Nos. 37, 99 and 128.

63. WP.29 noted the request by the IWG on IWVTA for a common position by the Contracting Parties (according to Article 15.3 of the 1958 Agreement) on the follow-up of administrative procedures (SG58-22-05). Thus, the IWG on IWVTA had recommended also for existing UN Regulations to follow the new procedures (in particular the conformity of production) of Revision 3, once it entered into force. Contracting Parties with concerns about this approach were invited to send their comments to the secretariat.

SG58-22-05 | UN Secretariat comments on the provisions of Article 15.3 of Revision 3 to the 1958 Agreement
WP.29-170-08 | Draft proposal for UN Regulation No. 0 concering whole vehicle type approval
WP.29-170-09 | Q&A document to explain the UN-Regulation No. 0 and IWVTA
WP.29-170-10/Rev.1 | Report to the 170th WP.29 session on the 22nd IWVTA Informal Group meeting
WP.29/2015/68 | Proposal for draft Regulation No. 0 on uniform provisions concerning International Whole Vehicle Type Approval